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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review! - An Igniting Light at the End of the Tunnel

The new journey begins in 2013 at Berlin's Bier Houz, Ipoh when the clock needles passed 23.00 of 2012.12.31. There we have a group of schoolmates celebrating the gala affair.

Another major event which couldn't be missed of course is the Ipoh Michaelian Run 2013.01.12! This is the only chance I got to visit my old school with my old pals, to cherish the past once again...

Meanwhile, working in the bank is fun, especially in my PSG Branch. Being confirmed as a permanent staff on 3rd of March, I'm assigned to stay at Special Care Service Counter No.1, at the same time I've joined the NUBE.

There it goes my first long training course at ITTC, Bangi on 8-12 April, where I got the chance to visit my KL relatives, and to know more colleagues around! Thanks to KTJ after that and for that I could explore many places in KL.

Next up, after my birthday on 17th April when I officially turned into 21 y-old, I've decided to go gym. Yeah it's gym! However, too bad I could only stay there for 6 months gym till year end. This is because of the good news I've received that I can still continue my degree in Wawasan Open University (WOU) on my own support. My current situation and qualification is the perfect minimum requirement WOU could offer me, but the intake must at least starts from next year. Well, that's fine.

Ohh heyyy!! My new Ohana on 19th May, named Baby.
She is a sugar glider (Petaurus Breviceps)

Moving on ahead, another training course in ITTC again on 27-28 May. This time, I took the opportunity to visit my another old pal in UniTEN, which is just besides ITTC compound. From there, I more or less learnt how's uni life!
Banana Me! Minions madness
At last, I could free up my time to play! Suikoden IV and Suikoden V are my long awaiting gaming list and now I manage to complete both stories this year. Suikoden is a very good story telling RPG game and I like it's unity among 108 Star of Destiny concept. Next stop to follow its sequels, should be Suikoden I&II and III!

Time is sure moving real fast and my company's Annual Dinner - Fright Night has finally come! On 5th Oct, I enjoyed the night with my comrades...

2013.12.03 marked my date as my successful 1st Anniversary of service with the bank!

Another Night to Remember - with Steven Tey and other buddies at Casuarina@Meru on 7th Dec. 
Final Weekend Roadshow on 14th Dec - Christmas mode on!

21st Dec - A Day for Charity
Buying household essential items before heading to Home of Handicapped and Disable Children.

Final chapter throughout the year, which falls on 28th Dec, a very big day for my partner, a marriage day for her, a wedding dinner for us!
CWL@FSP - with friends
...And so, this year is an igniting light at the end of the tunnel. Full of colourful events, full of hopes, full of new people, thus, making 2013 a most fulfilling year in my 21 years of living.

~ Happy New Year ~

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Aftermath! Abridged Flashback of 2012

Long ago, after the marking of fullstop in 2011, this blog've been dead since then. The author once has no intention to maintain this site anymore, not to mention that it's already difficult to maintain his life.

Going through all kinds of problem when carrying important task is really a horrible experience that eventually will fail you. Well, perhaps I don't know how to sort things out properly, but things that are so discouraging will pyschologically make you lose your concentration and yourself.

So after my very final exam, there's only 2 weeks left before the new year.
With a long uncertain future ahead, plannings must be set up still.
First, driving lesson is a must before going anywhere!
As things progressed smoothly, 
I decided to join Senheng Electrical as a salesman, thinking that can sharpen my communication and updating skill, well, to earn a living too.

Here's the updates;
2012.01.01 - The first day being a salesman, there will be alot to learn!
2012.01.XX - Had alot of gathering with friends before, during and after CNY

2012.02.10 - Officially owned my 'P' driving license. Yes I can drive now!
2012.02.14 - Valentine's Day is cancelled, Mathematical Proof: 14-2-12=0
2012.02.20 - Senheng Annual Dinner, one day trip to KL Sunway! SH8209, reported in!

2012.03.07 - STPM 2011 result out, and I felt lost...sigh
2012.03.30 - First time been to Genting Highland! Sneak into casino!

2012.04.17 - My birthday, a very good gathering with friends!

2012.05.12 - Bought my dream phone, Sony Xperia  Play @MYR990.00
2012.05.28 - Bought my dream laptop, Acer TimelineX 4830TG @MYR2199.00

2012.06.XX - Nothing special...except the saddest fact of being unable to further study =(
2012.06.30 - Last day working in T95, obtained my vest and staff ID card.

2012.07.01 - First day working in T63 as a confirmed salesman.
2012.07.28 - KL one day trip with friends, Times Square!
2012.07.XX - Horrible working experience ever, although I was ready of how bad it had been told so.

2012.08.XX - 
Unreasonably sales target set by TM, no teamwork, all coworkers LC shit!
2012.08.XX - Couldn't achieve sales target, but satisfied as a newbie, however, still rose up my target, F*! C'mon, at least I was the top V-Care sales record among your seniors of that month! Can't you show some mercy???

2012.09.XX - The downfall of me, wanted to resign but couldn't resign, due to family hardship.

2012.10.XX - A pat
ient and silent month, awaiting for my house loan application's eligibility.

2012.11.03 - A critical month, thankgod I was being recommended a PBB job by friend's uncle.
2012.11.07 - Applied my house loan, like a boss! Awaiting for approval and then resignation.
2012.11.09 - I think I mixed up the timeline, but I went for PBB vacancy interview after that...
2012.11.13 - House loan approved! And interview was a successful. 
2012.11.15 - Never wanna see those LC faces again, tried to take all the leaves before resign.

2012.12.01 - Put in my immediate resignation as SH8209, and issue happened.
2012.12.03 - Officially joined PBB PSG as a CTC, PSGBNKH 53280 reported in!
2012.12.31 - Most issues settled, happily working hard in PBB. All colleagues are so helpful!

~The End of 2012~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Au Revoir ~THE END~

Each and every time when I pen my thoughts on this electronic parchment, a tinge of sadness would normally envelope my heart. It screams sadly for the days that I've spent with all of you this time will soon come to an end like the sun setting, making for way for the night to reign supreme.

 Departing has never been an easy pill to swallow for it is bitter like the bitter gourd. Somehow we must come to terms with this reality of life. Talk about life, it reminds me of the wonderful moments that we get to share with all of you the droplets of sweat and tears, pain, sorrow, agony, and not forgetting the jubilant, happiness and laughter.

 Anyway, it's a biggest pleasure for standing by all of us here together through thick and thin. It's your attitude and aptitude of showing your gratefulness and invaluable services that touches hearts! This quality of yours is an asset many cannot claim to possess. These and many other experiences you have should be treasured for they will be the greatest tools you have in your hands. You have proven it yourself through this small demonstration and by all means prove it again when you step into the working world for they become more useful to you. Here, wishing all of you well in your future endeavour and have strong convictions to believe that you should thrive in your chosen vocation.

 Last but not least,  please have my thousands of apologise here if I have caused any inconveniences, misunderstandings, slowdowns, troubles and failures to anyone of you! I may have failed in doings, but my good intentions will never fade...

 Well, we shall part from here like a baby being torn from the mother, like the day retreating for the darkness, like the moment the Titanic sank, like the last breath of man and like the last day you spend time as one here. It is pain and pain but the behind the pain we see each other grow to become a responsible and mature yound adults. Au revoir and take care!

( Source: Modified from a Teacher's Booklet )